ALL areWELCOME here, especially:

ALL areWELCOME here, especially:

By Anthony Galvin

The Community of __________________

We want it to be of public record that ALL are
WELCOME here, especially:

Those of all skin colors,
Those of all heritages,
Those who suffer from addiction to alcohol
    and drugs (whether they are
    recovering or not)
Women (You will not be harassed or abused)
Children (Even if they cry during the entire service)
Those who are old
Those who are single by choice
Those who are divorced (and remarried)
Those who are widowed
Gays. lesbians and their families (You will be
    honored and affirmed)
Those who are holy and great saints
Those who feel really lost
Greedy people
Big ego people
Poor people
Stupid people
Those who just want to rest
Shy people
Those who don't believe in God
Those who hate God and the church
Those who love music and beauty in all forms
Those who disobey their parents
Murderers, terrorists, and criminals
Those with family problems
Those who are promiscuous
Those who have had an abortion
Those who have fathered children and taken
    no responsibility
Those who pollute and destroy the earth

ALL people in all their diversity and in any state
are always WELCOME here.

Join us -- We need you as we walk together to God
and strive to serve the Pittsburgh area.


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