CREDO 2001  (Draft #2)

By Anthony Galvin


We are utterly open (opening) to the Deepest Reality:  the Fountain of all life and ultimate meaning.
This creative, dynamic energy is a resonance within the evolving nature of creation itself.
Life is originally blessed and not flawed.

No one way of understanding this Reality can exhaust its mystery.  Reality is open-ended.  Our theology ('reaology') opens up new horizons of possibility and ultimate meaning.  Id odes not consign truth to any specific dogmas, creeds or religions.

The primary divine revelation is the unfolding process of creation itself.  Each religion is a particular expression of divine revelation.  No religion, nor all religions together, can explain the fullness of revelation.  Further, all life forms and not just human beings have a co-creative role in the divine plan for the world.  Revelation is ongoing as creation evolves.

Some have awakened to this Reality in various times and places through history and taught the human family deep ways of seeing and living.

We have discovered this Reality in Jesus Christ, the Awakened One, who is our way to this REality.  He is our gate to the realm of the Real.

Jesus was a man like all of us.  He was born in the city of Nazareth to his mother, the pregnant teenager, Mary, and his father, the tradesman Joseph.  He lived under Governor Pontius Pilate in the Roman Empire.  He was executed as a criminal, a subversive who threatened the status quoin his society and religion.  He was buried in a donated grave.  Jesus lived and poured himself out in boundary-breaking, self-emptying love.  He led others to discover that they too were ennobled and enabled by this Deepest Reality.

He called all persons out of themselves to get in touch with Reality by living selt-emptying lives mirroring this Deepest Reality.  Thus they became fountains of life for each other and especially for those in need:  for persons who were broken in spirit, rejected, and fearful as well as for planetary and universal life in need of healing and reinvigoration.  He announced that all persons could fulfill their true destiny:  union with the Deepest Reality.  Thus life is destined for the ultimate triumph of goodness and light.

Shortly after his death his friends experienced his presence so much that they had to say, "He's alive!"  He was in them:  THeir lives were turned inside out.  They realized that they were now able to be fountains of life themselves.  His power was now their power.  Not power over but power to awaken others and enable them to see all they are and to see that the Deepest Reality was flowing through them always.  Jesus' life, suffering, death and resurrection revealed the central dynamics of personal, planetary and cosmic evolution.    All were invited to (live?) share in this dying and rising to new life.

We, like them, have had our lives turned inside out.  Jesus has awakened us.  He has opened our eyes.  We have died and now live anew.  Like water pours from a fountain, self-emptying love can now pour from us.  Everything can become new:  new ways of seeing; new ways of living together in community; new ways of sharing and working together to reveal the transforming future rising up all around us.  All the old distinctions, separations and barriers are washed away.  All people stand tall and free.  All the earth is refreshed and renewed.  Today the fountain of life is reaching everyone and everything everywhere.


Knowing that we are one with the Deepest Reality and having been awakened to our ture natures as fountains of life:

Join us and see for yourself how new life can be.
Wake up today.
Praise to Jesus, our life and our hope!


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