Falwell's newspaper outs Bishops

Falwell's newspaper outs Bishops

From ErdeNunley@AOL.COM
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:37:45 EST

Falwell's newspaper outs Anglican, Roman Catholic Bishops

ROANOKE, Va. (A&P) -- The Rev. Jerry Falwell is trying to out the bishops of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church, suggesting that the pink-and-purple-shirted, pointy-hatted prelates are all gay.

The April 1 edition of the National Liberty Journal, edited and published by Falwell, contains an article warning parents that the predominantly-rotund clerics may be gay role models.

To support its claim, the publication says, "They wear purple and pink--the gay-pride colors; and many of their vestments--which look like dresses--display a triangle, the gay-pride symbol.''

Falwell contends the ``subtle depictions'' are intentional and issued a statement Tuesday that said, ``As a Christian I feel that role modeling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of children.''


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