A response to Bob Morris by Ellen Barrett

A response to Bob Morris by Ellen Barrett

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 17:31:39 EDT
From: The Rev. Ellen Barrett EMDBarrett@aol.com
To: The Rev. Robert C. Morris interweav@interactive.net
Subject: Re: The Hard Path of Christ and the Easy Path of Being Right

The wise woman might also do well to keep silent, but here goes.

Yes, I agree that so-called dialogue is too often people shouting their unshakeable opinions at the deaf ears of opponents. I would welcome sane, reasoned conversation that attempts not to convert, but to understand.

However, with regard to your third option, may I suggest you take a look at what it seems to say if the identifier were, say, race and not sexual orientation? Seems to me it would be the next best thing to aparthied---congregations where one is allowed in if black, others for whites (and "honorary whites"), and yet others for "Cape coloreds". I wish we could work out a way to live together in peace, but that isn't it, dispite the fact that one's sexuality is usually easier to disguise than one's race (though not always!).