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RE: FW: Your Prayer Request

Thank you.  Your prayers have been sustaining for me.

I am amazed by the power of touch.  For several days I was afraid to touch
my bad arm, which right now behaves as if it is not a part of me.  Several
times it has flung itself at my face with no warning when I have had my
head in the shirt I am trying to put on or remove, almost to rebuke me by
reminding me that is just as much a part of me while maimed as it was
while whole.  Tonight, as often during this week, Ernest gently but firmly
exercised the maimed limb with love and respect that counter-stated my
fear and sense of separation from it.  The neurologist says that even with
patient, loving exercise a stretched nerve takes about four weeks for
each inch of recovery.  The good news is that the nerves are not pinched
or broken.  They can heal.

The problems we face in ECUSA are much the same.  We need the spiritual
discipline to love those parts which now seem alien to us and sometimes 
sock us in the face to rebuke us. Thereby they to remind us they are 
still part of the whole body of Christ.  The good news is that, by God's 
mercy, we can be healed.

Love, Lutibelle/Louie

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