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The prejudice of the right-handed

> My older brother spent the first years of grade school with his left
> hand tied to his chair so he would "become" right handed.  Did not work
> even so.  He is still left handed.

In 1959, my second year of teaching, I wrote many notes complaining to an
honors student in a prep school that he always wrote only on the backside
of the paper.  When he persisted, I asked him to chat in my office.

"But I don't write on the backside," he explained.

"Yes you do," I said, pointing to his latest composition which I held in
my fist.  "See, the ragged edge where you tore the paper out of a spiral
notebook; in your themes, the ragged edge is always at the right margin;
for all others in the class, the ragged edge is always at the left."

"That's because they are right-handed," he answered patiently.  They are
writing on the front side of the paper for them, and I am writing on the
front side for left-handed people.  The front side is the side that
prevents the writing hand from the interference of the spirals."

"Oh," I said.

"That's okay, sir," he said.  "Even many left-handed people don't know
that.  I have seen some grown left-handed people put their lamp on the
left side of the desk because a 3rd grade teacher once told the whole
class to that.  That works for right-handed people but not for the
left-handed. All should put the light on the side that keeps us from
writing into the shadow."

I stood up and moved my own lamp to the left side of my desk.

"I'm sorry sir.  I was not trying to be cheeky.  I had not noticed that
you too are left-handed!"

"Son," I replied, "having heard the truth, I would be a fool indeed if I
did not heed it. Thank you for hurling light on my darkness!"

Russia decriminalized left-handedness during the mid-1980s when Ernest and
I, both lefties, were working in Hong Kong.  When we signed documents
publicly while traveling, the Chinese would marvel to see two at once.
Frequently we were told, "No left-handed people in all of China!"
Indeed, we understood why.

Researchers have shown that left-handers have a higher incidence of heart
disease and nervous disorders the more that we conform to right-handers'

She that hath ears to hear.....

Sinisters of the world, unite!

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