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Re: [Mgdln] Age of Confirmation - was Re:Lovely service!

I was confirmed on 29 October 1961.  I was 24, almost 25.  It's the only
"diploma" or "award"  that I display in my study.  No other rite of
passage has transformed and shaped me like this one.

I am grateful for my Baptist roots.  I would not have become an
Episcopalian had we not also believed in the priesthood of the individual
believer.  I would also have had trouble if our hymnal had omitted that
great favorite of Baptists:  "Just As I Am Without One Plea."  At any
service after I am cremated, I hope they will sing all 300 verses ('o;)
of that "invitation hymn," along with the hymn that they always seemed to
sing when I visited Episcopal Churches as a child, "Fairest Lord Jesus."

I treasure my baptism by immersion and my Spirit baptism.  Like Luther, at
some points in my life my major assurance has been, "I have been



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