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Re: [HoB/D] The Gay/Lesbian Agenda

Make no mistake about it:  blessing lesbigay relations is not THE cutting
edge issue of the new century, nor should it be.  Rivals for that
distinction are war, famine, racism, poverty, violence, terrorism,
economic injustice, illiteracy, homelessness....  for starters.

We in ECUSA need to get the blessing issue behind us lest it continue to
distract us from giving undivided attention to these burning issues.

Witness and learn from the mistake of the Sudanese bishops at Lambeth. No
country in the world needs the world's loving attention more than the
Sudan.  No where is the suffering greater.  The Sudanese have been
beseiged by decades of a civil war.  They have one of the highest AIDS
infection rates.  Their economy is in shambles.  Slavery is on the
increase...  The Sudanese bishops who came to Lambeth needed to get their
story heard, but instead they used up their time at the microphone not to
address these vital concerns, but to address homosexuality, as some the
most vociferous opponents of it.

Lambeth gave much more air time to homosexuality than it did to to the
pressing need for debt relief, about which the bishops said many cogent
things for those of us who have read their reports. It is not fair to put
all blame the media.  The media always have a good ear for what we get
most worked up over, and what will most interest those looking at us from
outside.  It is understandable that the media had little time for
economics when they could show in vivid detail a bishop trying repeatedly,
and unsuccessfully, to exorcise the gay demon from a priest who did not
want the bishop's services.

Lesbigays no more have chosen to be at the center of the Church's
attention right now than did the uncircumcised choose to be at the center
of the Church's attention in the first century.  Isn't it embarrassing to
see how much circumcision distracted the biblical writers from more
important concerns, for which circumcision was but the presenting issue?!
It continues to give many a bible teacher fits in trying to get students
to give attention to the saving meanings behind those arguments.

Until Christians of the first century blessed and included the
uncircumcised without distinction, the Church had no workable missionary
strategy to get on with much more important issues.

L2 Newark

   People say -- "We wish this would go away." But once the oppressed
   find their voices and glimpse hope, they must pursue it, because all
   they can lose are their chains.

   They will come back again and again, like the widow to the unrighteous
   judge, because they are looking for life. They will demand a response
   not until the church answers, but until we get the answer right. Until
   they are accepted. They have no choice. And we will finally give them
   the answer they seek.

   The issue is whether we acknowledge them now or later. Whether we
   expedite the process and get on with it, or resist and make the
   conflict bloody and protracted to our later shame.

       --From "How to Expedite the Process and Get on With It"
         by The Rev. Warner Traynham at the 1991 [sic] General
	 Convention.   See his entire text at

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