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Half a loaf? or bread at all?

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the presence of God to
witness the polish on this furniture called Bill and Bob.  As we send
forth hounds to the hunt, boats to the sea, and meals-on-wheels to
shut-ins, we summon God's blessing on Bill and Bob's housekeeping and joint
checking account.  We do solemnly declare that in no way are we marrying
them or recognizing any marriage they may think they have effected
themselves.  This assembly is both simply and grandly our way of saying
how tolerant we are of Bill and Bob and how much we appreciate their
generous pledge.

Now, do you, Bill, solemnly commit yourself to clean the bathroom your
share of times, to have and to hold the bathroom, in good plumbing and
bad, till ......

A queer service indeed!


Cf. http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/2grooms.html


/travesty/ <<"tr&vIstI>> n. & v.

n. (pl. /-ies/) a grotesque misrepresentation or imitation ("a travesty of

v.tr. (/-ies/, /-ied/) make or be a travesty of.

(orig. adj.) f. F travesti past part. of travestir disguise, change the
clothes of, f. It. travestire (as /trans-/, vestire clothe)

>From the Concise Oxford Dictionary, 8th Ed., Copyright 1991 
Oxford Univ. Press

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