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Fee, fie, fo, fum

At a retreat sponsored by the Diocese of Newark's Womens Commission over
the weekend, two lesbians with obvious joy told me how they had met three
years ago.  "And how did you connect to the Episcopal Church?" I asked.

"That's a good question," one said as they both smiled.  They had
obviously enjoyed telling the story many times.

"We live in Ridgewood, NJ, and one of us had seen a rainbow flag at the
church, but couldn't remember which one it was.  So we used the yellow
pages and called every church in town asking, Are you the church that
flies the rainbow flag?"

The question functioned like a great filter. Some hung up on them.
Others said with disdain, "We're not that kind of church," and some said,
"You will NOT be welcome here."  When they finally located Christ's Church
-- the real thing -- they were warmly received by The Rev. Al Jousset, my
beloved colleague on the Standing Committee.  Christ's church indeed!

Let your fingers do the walking in your Yellow Pages as you ask the same
question to try to sort the loving from the hateful.

Be nice to them all, and take names!


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