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Why wait for someone else to say you can be blessed?

I gladly give countless hours to working to persuade the Episcopal Church
to prepare and authorize a service to bless same-sex relationships, but I
cannot for the life of me see why someone would wait until the entire
church authorizes them before going ahead with a service.

Ernest and I used the BCP and no one came but the Holy Spirit, and haven't
we been blessed!?   It is not we who have been living in sin since we met
29 years ago this past Labor Day.

In all orthodox theology it is the couple who marry themselves.  All the
church does is to celebrate their union.  Someone who does not want to
bless us has no blessing to give.

So what if your own priest won't show up:  Jesus will, and he's the great
high priest;  anoint a friend to speak his words.

So what if you own bishop won't authorize it; God does:  "A new
commandment I give, that you love one another."

The bible says to invite guests to the feast and if they don't show up, go
out in the streets and invite others.

Above all, don't sit around moping about who won't invite you.

It is spiritually dangerous for lesbians and gays (or anyone else) to beg
to be let in.  We already are in, and if we don't show up, there may be no
real church there.

Some came to Jesus to tell him family was upset about the company he
kept.  "Who are my mother and my brothers?" he asked in a proper snit.

God values families of intention more than families of blood.  The latter
he tells us we must abandon if we expect to enter God's realm.

Don't wait until you graduate.  Don't wait until you have a good job.
Don't wait until Mother or Dad dies.  Don't wait until you have tenure.
Don't wait until someone buys a pretty casket or urn for your remains.

"Let the dead bury the dead," he warns.

Behold, God is a spirit, and the time is coming and NOW IS when those
who worship God worship God in spirit and in truth.

Now is the acceptable time.  Today is the day of Salvation.

Quean Lutibelle/Louie

      THe first shall be last and the last shall be first.

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