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Anglican: Jesus should not be the only one in the redemption business.

A friend in England wrote to me:

> One of Tatchell's group stated that Outrage is focusing on the ABC because
> the ABC is a 'soft target'.

While I stand by everything that I wrote about the error of violence, I
think Carey unwittingly sets himself up to be such a target. 

In 1975 or 1976 I wrote to Tom Bowers, then rector of St. Luke's in
Atlanta, asking to meet with the diocesan task force on social issues,
which he chaired.  I was in the same diocese, at a small black college in
a very rural area; Tom had a huge ministry, with Sunday services televised
across the state.

Tom did not answer, and after a couple of followup queries also were not
answered, I wrote him that if he did not invite me to meet with the task
force I would arrange to have a bus load of transvestites come down from
NYC and attend his Sunday services.  

Almost immediately Tom replied [and I paraphrase]:  "Louie, you are right
to be concerned that I have not responded promptly.  I have been
disorganized.  We would like for you to meet with us on XXXX, XXX.  But
please do bring the transvestites to St.  Luke's.  They would be most
welcome, and might even liven the place up a bit!"  [Alas, I had been
bluffing, and could not deliver.]

Surely the Archbishop can more imaginatively, lovingly use the power
entrusted to him and bring better news to Tachell and any others
concerned enough about the Church to be engaged in conflict with us. 

Tom Bowers went on to become rector of St. Bartholmew's on Fifth Avenue in
NYC, and in time I grew out of being a princess and became a quean.
Thanks be to God.



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