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Anglican: Watching the Watchers...... Updated

I have just updated Watching the Watchers, Quean Lutibelle's Scrapbook of
the House of Bishops. 

Pictures of Bishops, in alphabetical order, 1-54
Profile of the House of Bishops, 55- 78
Profile of the 1997 House of Deputies, 79-108
Bishops Online, email address of bishops, 109-111
Birthday Prayer Calendar of the House of Bishops, 112-119
Wedding Prayer Calendar for Active Members of the House
  of Bishops, 120-123
Ages of Active Bishops, 124-127

I am willing to share a copy with interested persons as the cost to me for
printing and mailing, $13, payable to Louie Crew, Box 30, Newark, NJ 07101
Please allow 2 weeks for processing once I receive your check. 

Much of the data is available at my website on the House of Bishops, but I
have not been able to find bishops' pictures collected anywhere else.

I hope this helps you connect.


      Louie Crew, English Dept., Rutgers, Newark, NJ 07102 973-485-4503
       Chair, Rutgers University Senate.  Board of Governors, 1997--.

  There are 45 days until the election of the Bishop Coadjutor of Newark. 

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