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[edot] What is most important?

> Can you create such a list for us - not 
> commentary, just a list?  I, for one, would appreciate such a thing.
> Thanks,
> Ron Pogue

Good question, Ron.  For good short lists, why not start with Jesus's: 

1) Love God (even the forgotten part, "with your mind")
2) Love Your Neighbor

Or Micah's short list:

1) Love mercy (I've met few people who even know what mercy is, much less
   people who could be said to love it)
2) Do justice
3) Walk humbly

I find these extremely difficult principles to live into, and important
enough to upstage all the other short lists which I have seen.  I suspect
that if we all commit to live into these, we wouldn't have much time to
look for heresy in our neighbor's eye.


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