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[edot] "Of course, there is nothing personal....."

> My dissent is not with YOU; it is with your doctrine.  And that is a different 
> matter entirely.  

That ancient distinction makes it easy to cast the first stone when you
find someone you think guilty, because it is the doctrine you are
protecting, not the person whom you are wounding. Read literally, the
Bible authorizes you even to stone me to death.

Joy anyway!  So far as the East is from the West, so far has my Savior
removed my transgressions. Some folks won't believe that God as done the
same for them until they see the kind of spiritual transformations God is
making in my community. God wants us to bring God's love to absolutely

Want to love and serve God?  Love a sinner today as much as Jesus does. 
Want a revival in the Episcopal Church?  Encourage others to join you in
welcoming sinners.  If this Church could become a safe place for sinners,
there is no end to the miracles that God will perform among us. Grace,
grace, amazing still!


P.S., Since you want to differentiate regions, I should clarify that I
only live and work in NJ. I am a Southerner through and through, Alabama
born, bred, and educated, except for an undergraduete degree from Baylor
and post-doctoral work at Austin.  My husband is a Southerner too, from
Georgia. (No self-respecting Yankee quean would be caught dead named

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