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Mark, Elaine,

Why do I get the impression that you read Bishop Peter John Lee and Bishop
Jack Spong's joint document with judgments in place before the eye met the

Theirs is not the document which I wish could be written, nor the document
either of these wish could be written:  it is a document which they
believe and many hope will help to keep us all in this same communion
while God continues to work with us.  I am enormously grateful that two
very bright bishops so different in their perspective would follow the
Archbishop's counsel and draft a document that they can both live with. 

Elaine, my bishop is not Satan, but a mere mortal.  You diminish your
moral authority when you disrespect your baptismal covenant by demonizing

Mark, do you really want to muzzle Gamaliel? If all had reached your
conclusions or mine, all would agree with your strident call for judgment.
Many thoughtful Christians disagree with you, as many more disagree with
me.  Is there not room for us to remain in this communion together?  I am
not calling for your removal as evil from the Body of Christ: I do not
view you as evil.  You might be right and I might be wrong:  the one
certainty is that God loves us both and wants us to treat each other

Only in comic books does evil have a specific face or a specific address. 
In real life, evil is all too often in my face and at my address, but not
permanently.  Evil is never who I am:  I am a child of God.  God has not
finished with any of us yet.  Pray for me, as I will for you. 

Joy to you and peace!

      Louie Crew, English Dept., Rutgers, Newark, NJ 07102 973-485-4503
           Chair, Rutgers University Senate.  Board of Governors.

  There are  14  days until the election of the Bishop Coadjutor of Newark.

On Sat, 23 May 1998, EDOT List members wrote:

> "EDOT" by CAROL BARNWELL on Nov. 25, 1996 at 21:05 Eastern, about NEWS IN THE
> Note 1180 by INTERNET on May 22, 1998 at 23:38 Eastern (1532 characters).
> From: "Elaine Alley" <alleyoop@intertex.net>
> Subject: RE:  Spong & Lee - Folly of the ages
> Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 22:32:44 -0500
> Bcc: edot.topic
> Fellows and all:
> I will not reiterate what has already been stated so well by Mark
> Belanger and endorsed by Austin.
> When I read this lengthy piece of "pure voodoo" my first thought was...
> well...in ten years, Satan, through Spong and The Newark Boys and all others
> of his ilk, can have a field day.  How the demons will rejoice!
> Now, if this sounds a bit "fundamental, even boorish, so be it.
> I don't give Satan much credit for anything, but he sure as hell is having a
> grand time at this point in history.  Lies and confusion are his best
> weapons.
> So, we can either continue to ignore the problems screaming at us, or we can
> finally see that these people are devoted to the Big Lie, and will stop at
> nothing to perpetuate it.
> Please, for the LOVE OF GOD, don't go into denial of these issues.
> They are real, dangerous and permeating the "Whole state of Christ's
> Church", or today, "The Broken State of Christ's Church".  Silence is tactic
> approval...do you want to stand before God and tell Him you would not "go
> for Him", or do you want to hear Him say, "Well done, they good and faithful
> servant.  Enter the Joy of the Lord"?
> Free Will....you decide.
> As truthfully as possible,
> Elaine Alley
> alleyoop@intertex.net
> http://www.intertex.net/users/stmark
> Fear not, I am with thee, thy troubles to bless,
> And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress. -Hymn, *How Firm a Foundation*-
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