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QCH: The Foot of the Cross

> "Progressives" seem oblisvious to the fact that all of 
> the new ideas they are so fond of really were gone over by the first 
> unitarians in the 1820's and 30's.  

Dorsey+, sugar,

I probably qualify as 'a progressive'; and I am fond of the new
understanding that God came to save sinners like me. The unitarians were
not saying that in the 1820's and 30's.  You and Peyre don't seem to be
saying that this morning.  There is a indeed a familar biblical ring to
what you say, however.  It sounds as bit like "I thank God that I am not
like queers and those that befriend them." 

Join me at the foot of the cross. God's property is always to show mercy.

Joy to absolutely everybody!

Quean Lutibelle/Louie
Saved by grace, amazing still

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