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[edot] at the Foot of the Cross

> Louie, luv;  
> If you're at the foot of the cross, then you're in my
> lap, dear, which would surprise us both, wouldn't it? 


Doesn't surprise me.  That's exactly where God wants all of us
sinners. Let's enjoy God's company together. 

Be careful in lumping all progressives into one theological camp.  As an
AngloCatholic, I probably am more orthodox in my theology than most
Anglicans would feel comfortable being; but I'm not in the business of
promoting my orthodoxy, nor do I want to put a lie detector on those in
the pews around me.  We are saved by God's grace, not by right thinking. 
Faith is a gift, not a litmus test.  I am blessed with enormous amounts of
faith, but can take no credit for it.  I pray that I can live as
faithfully as do many pilgrims for whom faith is a struggle.

Our church respects doubters enough to build lots of parishes named St. 
Thomas Church.  Vast numbers of us are Episcopalians because we fled
churches that require folks to hang their minds on the hat rack. (I
realize that you were only one year old at the time I entered Baylor, but
surely there are others on this list who were undergraduates with me there
in the 1950s?) 

I have not read my bishop's latest book, but will, and already expect to
be challenged by it.  I know of few bishops who have his ability to call
us all into serious engagement with the issues of faith.  He performs this
service for those who radically disagree with him (as occasionally I do)
as well as for for those who agree.  Beware the Bishops of Laodecia.  They
are lukewarm for a reason:  It is safe; it requires no risk.

The bishop who ordained you is another bold challenger. He has been a
friend of mine for a quarter of a century, long before most bishops even
learned how to be polite in discussing lesbigays. I am delighted that he
signed the Statement of Koinonia last month.

Joy to you.

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