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CWH: Understanding the exclusion process

> I'm trying to discuss this in a context other than homosexual behavior.
> The reason is that we all suffer from cultural biases about homosexual
> activity that make it difficult to discuss objectively.  I want to
> understand the exclusion process itself before trying to apply it, rightly
> or wrongly, to a particular subject.

That is helpful, Dick.  Thank you.  I need to think about it some more.
One extra example I would like to include as we pursue your challenging
question is the example of a heterosexual who had gone through a very ugly
divorce which we feel should not have happened, one in which we feel that
the person coming before us should have stayed married and should have
behaved more justly in that marriage.  And let's just assume that the
person, while grieving that the divorce happened, does not assess it the
same way that we do and does not feel she or he behaved unjustly.

Let's also assume that the person has been married to someone else now for
20 or more years, still 'unrepentant' in ways that we feel would have been
suitable and proper.

Would we exclude such a person from leadership in our church?  If the
person were a candidate for priesthood or the episcopalcy, would we
exclude them solely on that evidence?  


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