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Sunday's Gospel Reading

The Presiding Bishop was most gracious in telling the entire congregation
at Christ Church in Greenwich that Integrity members were present and
welcome, at the Archbishop's first visit to the US after Lambeth.  He
noted that people could recognize us to greet us by the pink triangles
that we wore. 

Parishioners at Christ Church were most hospitable not only to 
the Archbishop, but also to us.

The Presiding Bishop noted the unique advantage that the Archbishop has in
listening to Anglicans from all over the world.  I hope that the
Archbishop listens to them better than he has listened to us.  He has
never met with any of our leaders. 

The Archbishop's problems will be even greater at home.  My friend Kim
Byham noted that there were probably as many people present under the age
of 35 at the service yesterday as there are in services in the entire C of
E, and that number was not helped by 2+ weeks that drenched the British
media during Lambeth.  Even in Newark most of my students wonder why on
earth I am committed to an institution that is so abusive.

Many are dying for lack of the much better news that is ours to share.

Lutibelle/Louie, Secretary
The Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice

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