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Sweet, sweet spirit in this place?

We're not going to get anywhere trying to re-wire the circuits. We have to
walk into another room.  And it is fully possible, indeed godly and
desirable, for those of us who radically disagree to honor the integrity
of those with whom we disagree.  Surely we can find ways to do servant
ministry together. 

Peyre, Bill, Russ, Harry, Odessa, myself....  we're not butterflies and
won't likely flit to another point of view anytime soon. 

Meanwhile, what are some ways that we might hold up each other in mutual
bonds of love for Christ? 

It seems very clear to me that lesbians and gays that I know aren't
leaving the church any time soon, and I surely hope that conservatives are
not leaving either.  Together we have much to give to others, but not if
we spend all our energies in argument.  God's grace is sufficient for all
that we might be worried about losing in an argument.  Since God loves us
all infinitely, it ought to be easy to love one another.

Perhaps we're asking all the wrong questions of each other.  We might
begin by sharing stories of how we have been nurtured spiritually by those
with whom we still radically disagree.  I have a couple of stories to
share of that ilk, but would someone else like to start?  How has God used
the face of someone still radically different from you to bring you both
closer together in God's own presence? 


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