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Re: An Appeal to All Christians

Unmerited suffering invites our compassion quite apart from how it
stacks up against other unmerited suffering.  We do not say to the child
abused by cigarettes put out in her flesh, 'Ah but you were not beaten
and abandoned for dead like dozens of others.'

For nearly 25 years I have observed at close range the doors that open
to me but do not open to my brighter black husband.  All the more
astounded am I when persons of color choose to see in lesbigay stigma a
metaphor for their own experience.  It is a comparison I cannot make,
but one that I find profoundly moving when persons of color generously
make it from their experience.  

Two weeks ago Archbishop Makhulu (Central Africa) sought me out at a
reception in Harare to stress that there is no way that he can possibly
understand the pain that Lambeth has brought to me and to my community, 
but he wanted to assure me that it grieves him terribly. 
"The bible is not meant to be a weapon," he said. [See

A few weeks ago Archbishop Tutu said that he wants to devote the rest of
his life to bring about reconciliation between straights and lesbigays.  

Now a Jewish Christian, niece of a holocaust victim canonized by Rome,
sees an opportunity to redeem that horror by an 'appeal to all
Christians' to be reconciled to lesbians and gays. [See

I am deeply moved by these extravagantly generous acts of kindness and
compassion, and perplexed when someone not Jewish seeks to nullify Ms.
Stein's witness:

> We're going off on whether Mrs. Stein insulted the Episcopal Church
> with her post while ignoring the most outrageous accusation which is
> the comparison to Hitler's Final Solution which I find very offensive.

  Bless all whose lives are closely linked with ours, and grant 
  that we may serve Christ in them, and love one another as he 
  loves us.


  Lord, in your mercy
  Hear our prayer


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