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Tod Wetzell's snit fit to raise money

What a hoot!

Surely only light asbestoswear is required for this one.

Now that's queer power, to provoke such fear-mongering!  I can't believe
he left out necrophilia. I wonder what Todd has been drinking. 

This diatribe must be terribly embarrassing for Todd's more rational
colleagues. Doug LeBlanc, surely you don't buy into all of your boss's

Todd, my mama taught me that some money is tainted and not to be taken
even if given to you.  I'm surprised your mama didn't raise you to be
suspicious about money that you can raise in this way. 

(Probably Dracula in Diguise)


>From: DVirtue236@aol.com
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 23:15:30 EST
Subject: Episcopalians United Leader Lashes out at Gays in The Episcopal


By David W. Virtue

The executive director of Episcopalians United, The Rev. Todd Wetzel has
taken the gloves off in his latest appeal for funds for his

In a five-page letter to his constituents he writes; "this is not a polite
debate anymore. This is not a philosophical conflict over religious
principles. IT'S A WAR. The radical homosexuals and their ecclesiastical
lapdogs are determined not only to silence us, but to destroy our faith,"
he writes.

"[They want to] drive us out of the Church we love...and to take from us
not only our most cherished traditions and chosen denomination...but our
children and grandchildren as well. This is open war for the soul of our
church andher members. This is a deliberate and holy rebuke to those who
are making a mockery of the Scriptures...who will have their decadent
rebellion againstthe Almighty smeared over with a veneer of nice,
compassionate Christian terminology...while they secretly spit in His

"Not only the faith of our fathers, but the safety of our children is at
stake," he opines. Wetzel quotes well-known homosexual activist Michael
Swift:  "We shall sodomize your sons. We shall seduce them in schools,
your dormitories, your gymnasiums, your youth groups, your movie theater
bathrooms, your army bunkhouses. Your sons shall become our minions and
do our bidding.  They will be recast in our image. They will come to
crave and adore us..."

That is the true face of homosexuality, says the angry Wetzel. "A face
kept hidden from the cameras an agenda carefully soft-pedaled amid
soft-focus sound bites about 'alternative lifestyle' and

"Never forget...the next item on the homosexual agenda, (after widespread
cultural acceptance) is pedophilia. Groups like The North American Man-Boy
Love Association are thriving right now. Tolerance is not on the
homosexuals' radar screen. They'll accept nothing less than our complete
capitulation to their sin.

Wetzel cites an unnamed Episcopal parish that found out the hard way when
their bishop ordered their search committee to consider a newly-ordained,
openly homosexual candidate. "When some of the older families in the
parish objected to this candidate, the parish Deacon bluntly told them
they were 1not part of the future of the parish.'

Wetzel said he is receiving calls from parishes all over the country
pleading for "our help and advice with this problem they thought
couldn't happen in their diocese."

For years, he writes, our denominational leadership has tried to convince
us that these radicals are people we can reason with. That we owe them
an extra measure of patience...a blind eye' to their sins...an
indulgence of their still-growing understanding of Christian truth and

"But don't let them fool you into betraying our true responsibility to
God...and to the homosexuals themselves. These are not reasonable people.
They are revolutionaries determined to overthrow not just a few
conservative Christian leaders...but the very moral law of God."

"Make no mistake; the homosexuals are bent on the destruction of anything
and anyone that stands between them and the practice of their
sin...including our beloved church. There's nothing creative in a
homosexual union. Homosexual relationships don't reproduce. THESE DEVIANTS
LITERALLY HAVE NO FUTURE, that's why they want to take away ours."

"These are people whom the revisionists want to bless in holy
matrimony..to ordain for God's ministry...to force into our
pulpits...yet at the center of these people's lives is a burning
compulsion for an illicit sexual experience that leads nowhere but to
the grave."

"We must fight," says Wetzel. "The bishops won't do it for us. Too many of
them have sold out...turned their backs on service to the
Gospel...flagrantly disobeying their vows before God and His people to
uphold Scripture..embracing the homosexual in exchange for positions of

Wetzel says these people [homosexuals] are not interested in diversity.
They want domination. They're not interested in tolerance, they want
indulgenceand unquestioning acceptance. They're not interested in God's
truth, they wantthe lie they've fallen in love with. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Wetzel says this war can only be won through heartfelt prayer, unswerving
commitment to God's truth and unblinking courage in the face of vicious

"Understand: we love homosexuals, just as God does...but we hate the
perilous sin of homosexuality...just as God does. That's why the
radicals hate us....and
will do everything they can to silence us..to embarrass...and to destroy us."


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