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Re: The Issue of Choice

>  None of these clowns would have a forum
>    1) if they did not articulate their hate of homosexuals and the
> etceteras so much,
>    2) if they themselves did not see that THEY HAVE A CHOICE, that same
> kind of choice that we once exercised over our own lives.

Regarding your second point, I find that many opponents are operating not
at the level of their sexual choices but at the level of their choice to
live in a world protected by what they take to be the greater certainty of
fixed and ancient boundaries.  

Likewise, many friends are not driven by their concerns about our
sexuality:  instead our inclusion affirms for them the need to re-think
issues and take risks, rather than to presume that all moral prescriptions
were fixed forever when the canons were sealed.

For many on both sides, the inclusion/exclusion of lesbigays is not
primarily about sexuality, but authority.

The issues lesbigays focus for Christians in our time are not new issues
at all. We merely re-focus the ancient conflicts between Grace and the
Law, between literal and spiritual readings of scripture.  Literalists
always go for a direct answer:  "How can I go back into my mother's womb?" 
"Sir, you have no bucket; how can you give me this living water?"  .... 

Many on both sides would much prefer that questions of authority and
literalism be decided using another issue besides sexuality, just as many
in the first century (especially the male Gentile converts from whom the
greater 'sacrifice' was to be excised) might have preferred that Authority
be clarified by using another issue instead of circumcision. 

The history of the gospel is the history of its being offered again and
again to yet one more previously excluded group.  I believe that God is
saying through lesbigays that grace is amazing still. 

What a blessing to have ears to hear the offer.

No formularies, no law can fix God once and for all time, as the Creed
itself bears witness. "We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver
[continuing action] of life, who proceeds [present tense] from the Father
and the Son. With the Father and the Son he is [present tense] worshiped
and glorified." 

Say it with italics!  God lives!


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