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On voting with your church pledges

I respectfully disagree with those who suggest that we should withhold
money from those in need merely because they are part of an institution
that oppresses us.  As Samaritans, we are called to a higher standard, to
help even the heterosexists who fall in the ditch, to take them to an inn,
pay their bills, and care for them, especially when their own kind are
'too busy' and pass by them on the other side.  Sorry, but these are the
terms of the faith that I profess.  If we love only those who love us,
what reward have we?  Do not even the non-believers do that?  We are to do
good to those who abuse us.  As a weapon, our money is paltry.  Only love
can win in this holy struggle.  With love, the divisions between friends
and enemies lose their power.

I am appending below a message that I wrote three years ago, when the
Right was threatening to control us with money:  it is just as relevant
when we or anyone else is tempted into the same mistake.

May God give us the full supply of love that She has for our enemies.  May
we see them with her infinite compassion.


See "A time for Candor" 


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