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Re: Why do they rage and take counsel against us?

> There are folks on both sides of the homosexuality issue who are hoping for 
> schism...and hoping that it will occur soon.  

John, I do not know any persons supporting homosexuals in our church who
are hoping for schism, nor any who have threatened to leave if we don't
get our way.

It would make no sense for lesbigays to threaten to leave since our
absence is what is most wanted by those who are threatening to leave.  We
are not here to annoy them:  we are here at the invitation of the Lord of
the Feast, as is absolutely everybody. Were we to leave, many others might
not believe how much God loves them too. 

Many of us are exhausted by the bullying that occurs by people threatening
to leave if they don't get their way.  When we became adults, most of us
gave up the game of bluff called "I'll pick up my paper dolls and go

There is one and only one guaranteed way to avoid schism:  DON'T LEAVE. 

And the second is like unto it, DON'T EVEN THREATEN TO LEAVE. 

Like over 60 percent of adult Episcopalians, I left another faith
community to become Episcopalian.  I never threatened the other communion
when I left in 1961; and in leaving I did not shout or tell them how awful
they are.  I don't feel that they are awful, nor that the Episcopal Church
has a monopoly on the truth. 

Making a thoughtful decision about one's faith community is an awesome
experience for everyone of us.  Trying to control others with threats of
departure--ours or the departures of others--is not the same thing.  Such
threats vitiate attempts at genuine reconciliation. 


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