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Re: Evangelism, etc.

Everyone fears change, yet it is what justice always calls us into.

What annoys me is that inevitably many will see my call as that of some
white liberal trying to do good for others whether they want it or not. 
While I am a white liberal with pride and do want to do good more than
evil, my motivation here is not towards doing good to persons of color,
but rather towards doing good to other white people.  Nothing has enriched
my life and my spirituality more than has my experience of getting outside
the narrow blinders of white segregationist Alabama that nurtured me.  I
have been blessed to live three summers with Native Americans, to teach
four years in Asia, to teach for 9 years in black colleges in the rural
South, and to work for the last 10 years on what Newsweek calls the most
diverse campus in the USA.  I have been given far more than I could ever
hope to give by these experiences.  And yes, persons of all colors resist. 

Alert me to any ways that we might collaborate on these concerns for
General Convention.


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