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On the notion to delay voting on sexual issues at GC in 2000

If I thought that delaying for 3 years would help the church with its
schismatics, as hard as it would be to do so, I would ask for us to delay.
I really do not want those people to leave.  We need them and they need
us.  Neither group has a corner on the truth.

And after all, blessings and ordinations will continue regardless of any
action by General Convention; and there are needs aplenty in the lesbigay
Christian community that need our attention at least as much, and some
more than these...  

Yet delaying will, I am convinced, make matters worse, not better.  
It will give the schismatics more to complain about and new
energy to yelp.  Worse still, the issue will still drain
energies of us all that need to be invested in spreading much better news.

One silly proposal floated before the 1997 General Convention 
resolved that we have a moratorium on all sexuality votes for enough 
General Conventions until all current deputies were no longer around, 
and only then revisit the issue to see whether it still had any 
urgency.  My friend Dr. Ann Carlson responded that this is a 
very good idea so long as heterosexuals are willing to do without sex
during that same period.  Their restraint might show them how little
urgency there is to the issue.

At the 1991 GC Warner Traynham noted how struggle after struggle we have
wanted the protestors to go away, and in each case they did, but only
after we had committed ourselves substantively to justice.


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