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St. Gourd's in the Sun

What did you make of the Jonah lesson today?  It has long been one of my
favorites, and I was pleased to read it at Grace Church today for Ernest
at the last minute when he was detained by his job at the airport.  It's
one of my favorite passages. 

Like Jonah, I have often wanted to watch the fireworks instead of the
repentance I have called for, and like Jonah, I am sometimes angry when
straight folks' repentance does not go according to my plan, especially
when it redounds to my discredit rather than my credit.

For the first time today it dawned on me that in this I probably have much
in common with our sisters and brothers on the Right, who seem angry with
God that lesbigays have repented, but not according to their plan.  Some
seem quite happy to sit in St. Gourd's waiting for ECUSA to explode, and
then along comes that worm, followed by the voice:  "You are so concerned
for St. Gourd's, which you did not make on your own.  Shall I not be
concerned for lesbians and gays in ECUSA?" [170,169 if ten percent of the

God is full of compassion, slow to anger, and of great mercy.

What joy to absolutely everybody--Left, Right, & Center!


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