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Quean Lutibelle's Day with Promise Keepers

When I taught at the University of Alabama (66-70), some colleagues in
the English Department frequently complained about Bear Bryant, the
University's legendary coach,  as if he were responsible for any
problem that we had.  I took a different view.  If we English
professors had been as good at what we do as the Bear was good at what
he did, we would have had no reasons to be concerned about him at all.

If we liberal Christians will serve our vision of discipleship as
clearly and effectively as Coach McCartney, founder of Promise Keepes,
serves his, the world needing all servant ministries will be richer

America will be a much better place if all Christian men keep the
seven promises that McCartney urges men to keep.  

I was particularly impressed with the integrity manifested today in
the substantive ways by which all presenters confronted racism and
male abuses of women.   I was also impressed by the way in which PK
brought together vastly different religious groups that rarely work
together and united them for a few hours of serious reflection.

The rock music and many other matters of style are not mine, but for
that matter nor are those in the Broadway show 'Rent.' Some of
theological differences between me and PK leaders we could start wars
about; but why do so?  Those who need the ministries we all have to
give are ill served when we divert our gifts into fighting one
another.    PK is not likely ready for a quean like me, yet.  In time
they will be.  We can perhaps speed that time by loving them before
they love us.  

In my office on Monday morning I shall take down a rather tacky New
Yorker cartoon about Promise Keepers. As repentance I may even buy a
t-shirt that displays the seven promises that I intend to keep.

I look forward to Kim Byham's full report of this day in the November
issue of VOICE of the Diocese of Newark. 
L Crew, Box 30, Nwk, NJ 07101. 973-485-4503. 

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