User Policy and User Fees

The Biacore 3000 instrument is located in the School of Pharmacy Building at Busch Campus or in the Biotechnology Center at Cook College (relocated every six months).

Users themselves will assume the responsibility of instrument operation. All users of the Biacore instrument will be required to attend at least one two-day hands-on training course on the Basics of BIAcore Operation and Maintenance before allowed to use the instrument. Biacore offers such courses on a regular basis in their Piscataway facility at a discounted rate for academic institutions (Contact Biacore directly at

To ensure continuous operation of the instrument, the following user fees will be collected to pay for routine preventive maintenance/service contract to be provided by a Biacore field specialist. Biacore chips, reagents, and buffers are not included in the fee.

Academic Users
Industrial / Non-Academic Users
Half day (< 4 hours)
Whole day (including overnight runs)

All users should have their respective PIs contact Dr. Hu or Dr. Tumer to arrange for the payment of user fees.

You might also want to consider the Biacore facility at Princeton University.

Updated: March 1, 2007