Biacore is an optical biosensor that uses surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for real-time monitoring of macromolecular interactions. Potential applications include affinity measurements and binding kinetics, concentration determinations, binding specificity analyses, and epitope mapping.

The Biacore 3000 is a shared facility between Busch and Cook campuses at Rutgers University. This facility is initiated by an Academic Excellence Award from Rutgers University. The instrument will be relocated every six months between Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy on Busch Campus and Biotechnology Center on Cook Campus. A preventive maintenance will be performed by Biacore field service specialist after each movement to ensure normal operation of Biacore 3000.

The Biacore 3000 instrument is currently located in Room 311 of the William Levine Hall, School of Pharmacy Building. It will be relocated to the Biotechnology Center at Cook College at end of June or early July, starting the 6-month rotating schedule between the Busch and Cook campuses.

Facility Directors:

  • Longqin Hu, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
  • Nilgun Tumer, Ph.D.
    Professor of Plant Pathology
    Biotechnology Center
    Cook College

Equipment: Biacore 3000

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  • Longqin Hu · Rutgers University School of Pharmacy · Department of Medicinal Chemistry