Brat the Kakariki

(Camphoramphus novaezelandiae)

2000 - 2003

An 8 inch dynamo who thought he was 10 feet tall.

Brat and Mom concentrating on card games.

This was Brat, a Red-fronted Kakariki.  He was born somewhere around March 2000 and died January 2003.  He had big feet but used them well for running around on the ground and scratching.  He flew quite well.  Brat loves raspberries and blackberries but he made too much of a mess.

The Brat!

He did talk.  He told me "You're a brat" and "Bad, bad birdie." I tred to teach him "Sweet Baboo", but he didn't buy it.  He had about half a dozen sentences in his repertoire. He was not very loud but would let out a "kuk...kuk...kuk" after flying to his perch.  Most of his vocalizations were quiet murmurings.  I miss him very much.

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