Mark C. Baker
Professor of Linguistics
Ph.D., MIT 1985
Office: Room 203, 18 Seminary Place
Phone: 732-932-6903
Fax: 732-932-1370

Curriculum Vitae
Representative Papers
Autobiographical Sketch

Research Interests

Syntactic Theory

Morphology and its relationship to Syntax and Semantics

Linguistic Universals and Parameters of Variation Syntactic Theory

The Grammar of Amerindian Languages and African Languages

Implications of Linguistics for the Study of the Human Mind

Recent Books

The Syntax of Agreement and Concord

Cambridge University Press, 2008



Lexical Categories

Cambridge University Press, 2005



The Atoms of Language

Basic Books, 2001



And, for something almost completely different, check out:

      The Soul Hypothesis, Continuum books, 2011


last update: 01/13/2010