Beliefs about risks questionnaire: Instructions

For this study, we will ask you to complete a very brief (~3 minutes) survey on the web 5 times over the next 2 weeks. The survey will ask about your beliefs about certain health and safety risks.

We will email you each time we need you to complete the survey, and you will have to complete the survey within 5 hours of the email being sent (we will not send the emails in the middle of the night). This means that you will have to check your email regularly over the next 2 weeks. Specifically, you need to check the email account which you used to sign up for this study on the subject pool website.

You will not get credit for participating in this study unless you complete all 5 surveys within 5 hours of each email being sent.

Each survey will be identical to the survey you are about to complete, but we ask you to disregard your previous answers when responding each time you complete it.

You must complete the 5th questionnaire (by clicking below) by 7pm on February 21 2004 (that is, one hour after midnight tonight).

Click here to take the fifth questionnaire