MAURICE J. ELIAS, Ph.D., is Professor, Department of Psychology, Rutgers University, and Co-Developer of the Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving Project. This project received the 1988 Lela Rowland Prevention Award from the National Mental Health Association, is approved by the Program Effectiveness Panel of the National Diffusion Network as a federally validated prevention program, and, most recently, has been named as a Model Program by the National Educational Goals Panel.

In 1990, Dr. Elias was awarded the National Psychological Consultants to Management Award by the American Psychological Association. In 1993, he received the Distinguished Contribution to the Practice of Community Psychology Award from the Society for Community Research and Action (APA, Division 27). Dr. Elias is also Co-Founder of the Consortium on the School-Based Promotion of Social Competence, a research consortium comprised of nationally prominent scientists. Most recently, Dr. Elias was named to the Leadership Team of the Collaborative for the Advancement of Social and Emotional Learning, and serves as advisor to the Rutgers-based Consortium on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, funded by the Fetzer Institute and co-chaired by Dan Goleman. With colleagues at CASEL, Dr. Elias was senior author of Promoting Social and Emotional Learning: Guidelines for Educators, published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and already circulated to over 100,000 educational leaders in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Eliasí work with CASEL is currently one of his major professional activities.

Dr. Elias serves proudly as a Trustee on the Board of the Association for Children of New Jersey and as an Officer of the Highland Park Conservative Temple and Center, and Chairs the Board of Education of the Leon Goodman Memorial Religious School.

At Rutgers, Dr. Elias is a Contributing Faculty to the Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life. In that capacity, he lectures widely to synagogues, Religious Schools, and Jewish education/research groups. He also teaches a seminar, "Growing Up Jewish in American." He specializes in clinical/community and school psychology and child, adolescent, and family development. He is licensed for professional practice in New Jersey. Dr. Elias authors a column, Accent on family, in the Accent section of Sunday Newark Star-Ledger. His previous column, Parenting Matters, was honored by the American Psychological Association for Excellence in the Media, in 1988. Dr. Elias' other books include Social Decision Making Skills: A Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Grades (Aspen), Problem Solving/Decision Making for Social and Academic Success: A School-Based Approach (National Education Association Professional Library), Building a Social Problem Solving Skills: Guidelines from a School-Based Program (Jossey-Bass), Social Decision Making and Life Skills: Guidelines for Middle School Educators (Aspen), Promoting Student Success Through Group Intervention (Haworth), and Social Problem Solving Interventions in the Schools (Guilford). (Note that the Aspen curricula can be obtained from the Center for Applied Psychology at, and the Jossey-Bass book can be ordered through EQ@EQparenting,com.)

His newest book, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting: How to Raise a Self-Disciplined, Responsible, and Socially Skilled Child, with a foreword written by Daniel Goleman, was published by Harmony/Random House in January 1999. and is now available in paperback. Written with Dr.ís Steven Tobias and Brian Friedlander, the book also has 8 international editions, including Spanish and Hebrew. He and the authors maintain a web site devoted to parenting at and there is a related site for school matters at Dr. Elias also maintains a Listserv for parents and educators interested in issues related to childrenís social and academic development; to become involved, email to Other new work includes action research on Jewish Identity Development in Children and Adolescents and the development and evaluation of video, animation, and computer-based instructional strategies for delivering preventive programs to youth, including those at high risk. Dr. Elias is married and the father of two children.

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