Talking with TJ

A Curriculum in Social and Emotional Learning


What is TJ?

The TJ series is a social and emotional learning curriculum emphasizing the importance of cooperation and teamwork by focusing on skills in three areas:

  1. making group plans
  2. appreciating differences and including people of diverse backgrounds in group activities as opportunities for learning
  3. playing as a cooperative team in competitive situations

Each skill area is addressed in a video consisting of two sessions designed with a TVDRP (video/story-discussion-activities) format (“What’s the Plan?”, “All Together Now!”, and “Team Spirit”). The videos involve a group of children solving a problem with the guidance of engaging characters that model and facilitate the use of self-control, group participation, and social decision making and problem solving techniques.

Skills are reinforced through “power phrases” that are part of the discussion that surrounds each of the videos. “Talk Time” is included midway through the video, and a discussion portion afterwards allows kids to relate the video to things that have happened in their own lives. Students are given TJ comics to take home and share with their family. There is a completely parallel video series focused on Conflict Resolution for use with upper elementary students.



TJ Curriculum and Implementation Overview (Word download)

TJ Pedagogy (Word download)

Report on Outcomes Using Animated vs. Live Action TJ Videos (Word download)

Outcome Studies

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