Prisoner of Azkaban

(Page numbers keyed to American edition)

Owl Post; Aunt Margeís Big Mistake : P. 1-30

Melynda Huskey

June 30-July 6

The Knight Bus; The Leaky Cauldron; P. 31-68

Christine Doyle

July 7- July 13

The Dementor; Talons and Tea Leaves; P. 69-122

Jeffery Canton

July 14-July 20

The Boggart in the Wardrobe; Flight of the Fat Lady; P. 123-161

Liz Engel

July 21-July 27

Grim Defeat; The Marauderís Map; P. 162-210

Sue Bugler

July 28-Aug. 3

The Firebolt; The Patronus;

P. 211-251

Jackie Podolski

Aug. 4-Aug. 10

Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw; Snapeís Grudge; P. 252-290

Resa Matlock

Aug. 11-Aug. 17

The Quidditch Final; Professor Trelawney's Prediction; P. 291-331

Michele Fry

Aug. 18-Aug. 24

Cat, Rat, and Dog; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs; P. 332-357

Molly Gilmore- Baldwin

Aug. 25-Aug. 31

The Servant of Lord Voldemoort; The Dementorís Kiss; p. 358-377; p. 378-385

Jameela Lares ; Enola Romano

Sept. 1-Sept. 7

Hermioneís Secret; Owl Post Again; P. 386-435

Tammy Mielke & ensemble

Sept. 8- Sept. 14+