Group Theory


Perception, Robotics, and Design


The last decade has seen an enormous expansion in the use of group theory in the perceptual, robotic and design disciplines. These disciplines are inherently geometric, and group theory is the language of geometry. This course will examine the use of group theory in human perception, computer vision, robot manipulation, object-oriented software, 3D solid modeling, mechanical CAD/CAM, assembly planning, and architectural CAD. We shall also have some guest speakers working in these various fields.


Instructor: Professor Michael Leyton. E-mail address: mleyton@dimacs.rutgers.edu questions welcomed.
Exam: Negotiable with the student, e.g., it can be a paper in the students area of research.
Time: Probably Wednesdays 11:30 - 2:10, but there is some flexibility. Come to organizational meeting 11:30 first Wednesday of semester.
Place: Room 301, Psychology Bld, Busch Campus.
Full Course Title: Seminar in Cognition: Group Theory in Perception, Robotics and Design.
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