Second International Conference:

The Non-Linear World.

Russian Academy of Sciences, September 23-27 1996




G. Abramov, V.šArshinov, D.šChernavsky, Yu.šDanilov, E.šFainberg, A.šFomenko, K.šFrolov, BšGaleev, O.šGinesaretsky, T.šGrigorjeva, S.šKapitza, Ju.šKlimontovich, S.šKurdumov, A.šLevich, M.šOvchinnikov, S.šPetuchov, B.šRauschenbach, Ju.šRomanovsky, N.šRozov, A.šRubin, V.šSmolyaninov, Ju.šStepanov, V.šStepin (Russia), E.šTriphonov (Izrael); C.šGiglioti, M.šEmmer (Italy); IllyašPrigogine (Belgium); I.šStengers (France); W.šEbeling, H.šHaken, M.šKahn-Ackermann, K.šMainzer, G.Schaefer (Germany); DouglasšR.šHofstadter, V.šA.šLefevre, MichaelšLeyton, ArthuršL.šLoeb, BenoitšMandelbrot, R.šF.šMalina, A.šSadovsky (USA); R.šV.šJean (Canada); RogeršPenrose (UK); K.šHsu (Switzerland); SlavikšJablan (Yugoslavia); DenesšNagy, T.šOgava (Japan)



Vladimir Alexandrovich Koptsik, Galina Yuryevna Riznichenko,.


Official Languages: English, Russian.

The main topic of the conference will be the "Non-Linear World", as embodied in problems of science as well as aesthetics. The problems will be discussed in plenary lecturers, oral presentations, posters sessions, round tables and discussions. Computer programs, audio- and video materials will be demonstrated. Participation without any presentation is possible.


Cultural Program:

Abstracts of the presentations will be published before the beginning of the Conference. Conference Proceedings will be published after the Conference. Please bring the full text of your presentation to the Conference with you.

The Second International Conference "Non-Linear World" will be held in Suzdal, Russia, in September1996. Suzdal, one of the oldest towns in north-east Russia, the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal Principality in the XI century. It is located 200 km from Moscow, at the bank of the Kamenka river. The view of the bell-towers and domes of innumerable churches with treetops here and there stretches as far as an eye can see. Suzdal is a very old, almost legendary town of a fairy-tale charm. The white stone walls of its kremlin and monasteries have a majestic beauty of their own, its church domes and belfries soar into the sky, and its neat wooden houses are decorated with exquisite carved patterns. Centuries have passed without marring the beauty of olden Suzdal. The architectural aspect of the town, which has taken shape over the course of centuries, includes numerous architectural monuments, magnificent ensembles which have perpetuated in stone the history of Suzdal, closely linked with the history of the Russian state and its rich culture. The remarkable heritage of Suzdal has turned this small town into an inimitable open-air architectural museum. The town is rightly regarded as a gem of Russian national culture. Indeed, it contains about 100 monuments of secular and church architecture. Suzdal has preserved its natural environment and the need to keep intact its original aspect was taken into account in drawing up the master plan of its development. Today when the interest in this town, one of the oldest in Russia, brings millions of tourists here, new construction is carried out with great precautions so that the relics of the past in way suffer.