Professor and Chair, Department of Management Science and Information Systems

Director, Applied Probability and Data Analytics Laboratory

Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick

Phone: (973) 353 5295
Office: Room 5147, 100 Rockafeller Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

    Doctoral Students [Completed - in chronological order]

    • Tingting Zhou (jointly with J. Yang). ``Dynamic Inventory and Price Controls Involving Unknown Demand on Discrete Nonperishable Items''
    • Nilofar Varzgani (2017). ``New dynamic optimization models for tax loss valuation and sourcing problems''
    • Charles Wesley Cowan (2016). ``Optimal Data Utilization For Goal-Oriented Learning''
    • Wajahat Gilani (2016). ``On Optimal Execution of Real-Options in Illiquid and Incomplete Markets''
    • Laurens Smit (2014). (jointly with Flora Spieksma - University of Leiden). ``On Successive Lumping of Large Scale Systems''. First position: University of Leiden
    • Karti S. Puranam (2010). ``Stochastic Analysis of Bidding in Sequential Auctions and Related Problems''. First position: Lasalle University, School of Business
    • Junmin Shi, (2010). (jointly with B. Melamed). ``Make to Stock Production Inventory Systems with Compound Poisson Demands, Constant Continuous Replenishment''.
    • First position: Georgia State University, Robinson College of Business
    • Wen Chen (2008). ``New Models and Solutions for Stochastic Optimization for R&D and Transportation Problems''.
    • Bin Zhou (2007). ``On Optimal Pricing and Ordering in Supply Chain Management''. First position: Kean University, College of Business and Public Administration
    • Timothy T. Elkins, 2003, (jointly with K. Lawrence). ``Multiple Criteria and Dynamic Data Envelopment Analysis with the Freight Service Business''. First position: N.Y.U, Leonard Stern School of Business
    • Kemal Gursoy, (1997). ``Branch and Bound Methods for Sequentially Choosing Some Among Several Competing Projects''. First position: Long Island University
    • Apostolos N. Burnetas (1993). ``On Adaptive Estimation and Control for Markovian Decision Processes''. First position: Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
    • Yih-Ren Chen (1984). State University of New York at Stony Brook, ``Stochastic Scheduling under incomplete information''. First position: ATT-Bell Labs
    • Sanja Durinovic (1984). State University of New York at Stony Brook, ``On Multi-Objective Markov Decision Processes''. First position: ATT-Bell Labs
    • Pravin Jhori (1984). State University of New York at Stony Brook, ``On Maximizing First Passage Probabilities in Gambling and in Queues''. First position: ATT-Bell Labs
    • Alan L. Levine (1983). State University of New York at Stony Brook, ``On the optimal operation of queueing systems--asymptotic results''. First position: Franklin and Marshall College

    Doctoral Committee [In Progress]

    • Shunqiao Sun, Rutgers, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University
    • Deniz Eskandani, Department Management Science & Information Systems, Rutgers University
    • Dwi Ertiningsih, University of Leiden
    • Laurens Smit, University of Leiden

      Doctoral Committee [Completed]

      • Yifeng Liu (2014). ``Dynamic Revenue and Inventory Management Models''
      • Xin Xu (2014). ``Essays on the Interface between Supply Chain and Project Management''
      • Sitki Gulten (2014). ``Two-Stage Portfolio Optimization With Higher-Order Conditional Measures of Risk''
      • Ozlem Cavus (2012). ``Risk-Averse Control of Undiscounted Transient Markov Models''
      • Kathleen M. Iacocca (2011). ``Essays on Drug Distribution And Pricing Models''
      • Sungyong Choi (2009). ``Risk-Averse Newsvendor Models''
      • Fleischhacker, Adam (2009). ``An investigation of clinical trial supply chains''
      • Ching-Yu Chen (2007). ``Essays on Supply Chain Inventory Management''
      • Ulas Akkucuk (2004). ``Metric Nonlinear Mapping: Approaches Based on Optimizing an Index of Continuity and Applying Classical Metric MDS on Revised Distances''
      • Unsal Ozdogru (2000). ``Performance Analysis of Continuous Material Flow Systems''
      • Avsar, Zeynep Muge (1998). ``Algorithms for stochastic games and a stochastic game application: Inventory control under substitutable demand''
      • Ashis Kumar Dev (1996). City University of New York, ``Essays in ownership structure, firm value and insider trading''
      • Ashis Kumar Dev (1983). Dept. of Economics, State University of New York at Stony Brook,
      • ``A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Time Structures of Saving, Investment and Financial Decisions''
      • Aninda K. Bose (1983). Dept. of Economics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, ``Equilibrium Analysis of Cyclic Queues''