Pages 140-157 (end) of Castlio's book.

Notes "FHD" by Frank Deis, and "KEI" by Karen Isaacson.

Karen first obtained this material from the New Albany Library in Indiana, where it had been donated in 1975 by Mrs. Elizabeth Payne, and later transcribed by Harold Greene, Jr. of Columbus, IN. There may be some comments in this file by Harold Greene. Later I obtained a copy of the Castlio book and it became clear that it was the original source of this text. Compare this genealogy with the file jonkeith.html which is a printout from a computer file with research by Karen Isaacson shared with Frank Deis. Note that the "Keithley" spelling here matches the original text, and this file matches the book exactly except for a couple of added headers, and the numbering. Where there is a bold- face capitalized name, the Castlio book utilizes Roman numerals but here Arabic numbers are used.

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JOHN KEITHLEY SR. was the founder of the Keithley family of Indiana. Information sent by his descendants, told Mrs. Emma R. Petre, of Dixon Ill.: "Years ago while visiting our old home place in Indiana, I was hunting for my great grand father's, John Keithley, Revolution record. I found cousin Susannah May (his granddaughter) had his old Bible. That old Bible, I can see it yet, about the size of a brick and as thick, and had leather straps and a buckle to close it."


The following letter was written to Mrs. Petre, Sept. 25, 1903 [FHD note on page 12 Susanna K. May's death date is given as 13 Mar 1903]: "I fear I have spoken too quickly when I said you could join the D.A.R., for in those days I do not suppose the army was organized as it is now, and whether he was a regular enlisted soldier or not I cannot tell. I only know that he was in the commissary department and that during the war he drove a wagon that carried supplies to the soldiers. He was from North Carolina and drove through that part of Penna. where the Dutch lived. There he found his wife, and after the war was over, they were married and went to Kentucky. Grandmother, whose name was ... Riblen, had black hair and eyes. She was called Dutch. If she was a Hollander, or called Dutch by ignorant neighbors, I know not. I was told by a German woman that there were lots of Keithleys living on the Rhine. If I had been older when grandfather and grandmother staid with us and had known something about our history, I would have asked questions enough to have been able to give some satisfaction. I will soon be 76..." "Love to you, from your cousin, Susannah May."

[FHD Note -- we also have a Keithley History by Susanna Keithley May


"Georgetown, Ind. July 6, 1923. Dear John Petre. "In reply to your letter about gr. grandfather, John Keithley, and grandmother, Polly B. Keithley, told me. Great grand father, John owned a farm 2 1/2 miles west of Georgetown. As I remember, he died in Ind., but do not know if on that farm. Where he came from to Indiana, if they told me, I don't remember. They said he and his children were captured by the Indians. His wife had a young babe. They killed her, took the babe by the heels, hit its head against the bed post, of course killed it. Then set fire to the house and with others of the neighborhood marched them away. Grandfather Joseph was a few years old and cried and fought the Indian who had him until he gave him to the one who had great grand father.

When the prisoners were exchanged, one daughter, for some cause was not exchanged. She grew up with the Indians and married an Indian and had two children, a son and a daughter. As I remember, after her Indian husband died, she married a Frenchman. They must have lived in Indiana, from the way grandmother told me. The daughter heard the name Keithley, and told her French husband, "Those are my people. I must go to see them." He brought her to see them. She could speak but little English. They felt so sorry, for she cried and laughed for joy at seeing her people. Great grand father, John, married the second wife. Did his Bible tell anything about it?"

"I remember visiting uncle William Keithley in 1876. He lived near Princeton, Ind. Was a hunch back, blue eyes but dark hair. Married Sallie Spose [FHD Note: this surname is variously spelled SPORE, SPERE, and SPOSE. Was William Keithley living in 1876 as Evila Abbie King states, or did he die around 1837 when his only son was born, as E. R. Petre states?]. Grandmother (Mrs. Joseph Keithley, Polly Berger) lived in a brick house and fathers farm joined hers [FHD Note: Evila's father was Thomas Jefferson Keithley b. 1829]. We children used to take turns staying with her nights. That is how I could hear so much about the family. She loved to tell us about her grandfather's early life. The Keithley who loved horses was James, father's brother. He was great for race horses, hounds and kindred things. I suppose it was him, whom you met for a sale. Father was a home man and cared nothing for sports. Uncle James was heavier than father, but both were tall men -- "Keithley build" -- grandmother said..." Evila Abbie King.



From his family Bible was copied: JOHN KEITHLEY was born Jan. 1, 1750, died July 28, 1835. He married ... Riblen. Their children, date and names from the Bible was

DANIEL KEITHLEY married MARY MOOLER in Kentucky and their 8 children were: John, Joseph, William, Riley and Katy, of whom I have no further record. Nathan, Daniel, Jr., and Isaac came to Missouri and settled first near Wentzville.

(NOTE: Compare this genealogy with dankeith.html which is a printout of the computer file of research done by Karen Isaacson and shared with Frank Deis)