This file was obtained along with Castlio's chapter on the Indiana Keithleys from Harold Greene, Jr. The file had been transcribed along with parts of Castlio's book, so originally it wasn't clear what came from the book and what did not. I think the file is interesting enough to be worth posting alongside of the Castlio material. There seem to be some contradictions but this is generally true of genealogy material. In the notes below, HG is Harold Greene, FHD is Frank Deis, and KEI is Karen Isaacson. -- Frank Deis

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[ (KEI) originally transcribed by: Harold Greene Jr., 453 Cleveland St., Columbus, Indiana, 47201. 19 April 1991.]


[FHD Note -- evidently copied from a business card?:]

Concrete for Performance
Wm. Keithley and W.A. Dehner, owners
manufactures of Culvert pipe, Concrete blocks,
Wall tile, Concrete stave silos

History of John Keithley from 1755-1906

(written by Susanna Keithley May):

John Keithley born Jan. 1st, 1755 in Germany, on the Border between Germany and Denmark, died July 28, 1835 being 80 years old, 6 months. He came to America about 1775 at the age of 20, located in North Carolina he was a powerful man physically, well educated, could speak seven languages, wrote a good hand, was a Revolutionary Soldier being a commissary officer, was with Gen. Washington at Valley Forge, in going through Pennsylvania Dutch settlement with supplies for the army he became acquainted with Mary Ann Riblin who afterward became his wife. She died at the age of 90 living to see her fourth generation, they had twelve children, all lived to be grown and married, the first born was Catherine born Jan. 15th, 1783 - she married Zebulon Brinson, second child was Elizabeth born August 25, 1784 married Mr. Harmon, she lived to see five generations, third was Ann born July 19th, 1786, she married Elizah Boylu. Fourth was a son, born Jan. 3, 1788 named John. 5th was a daughter named Polly, Born May 6th 1789, she married Samuel Smith, 6th was Sarah, born Feb. 13th 1791, she married Mr. Foley, 7th was Rachel born May 28th, 1793 - she married Mr. Nelson. 8th was James Montgomery (second son) born March 13th, 1796, his first wife died leaving two sons and a daughter, he was married the second time and had four daughters, he was a Methodist Minister, was a companion of the noted Peter Cartright. 9th child born July 8, 1799, 3rd son Joseph, 10th a daughter, Susanna born February 27th, 1801, she married John Waltz, 2 of their sons were noted ministers went to California, 11th was John William 4th son born, Sept. 12th, 1803, 12th and last was Jacob 5th son born November 24th, 1805 -- This is the history of John Keithley, 7 daughters and 5 sons - (This history was taken from the old German Bible owned by John Keithley, copied by Mrs. Susanna Keithley May.)

Record and History of James Montgomery Keithley -- Born 1796

JAMES Montgomery Keithley, second son of John Keithley his history, children and grandchildren down to the third generation. James Montgomery Keithley was born in Kentucky March 13th, 1796, was married twice had 7 children, his first wife was Miss Nancy Kendall she was devoted Methodist. Through her influence her husband was converted and became a Methodist Minister. She had three children, 2 sons and a daughter, she died when the daughter was born, their first child was born Dec. 23, 1818 was named Samuel Taylor, he died in 1868 from exposure while serving his Country in the Civil War - he married Sarah Jane Catlin, August 13, 1839 - she died April 17th, 1877, they had 7 children, Abner Cotter Keithley second son was born June 16th, 1820, he married Miss Elizabeth Ann Thomas to this union was born 12 children, 9 daughters and 3 sons, all living to be grown, Abner taught in the public schools over 40 years, was of fine Christian Character, he was a stanch temperance man, a great worker in the cause, was true to every principal, that was for right and justice to all - they lived to celebrate their 60th anniversary being past 80. Eliza Riblin, 3rd child of James Montgomery was named for her Grandmother Mary Ann Riblin date of her birth is not given but she was about 2 years younger than Abner, she married Solimon B. Wolf to them was [! Line not readable! -- HG] May born Nov. 27, 1829 who was a local Minister (Methodist) and was for a number of years Supt. of DePauw University and College, Prof. May took a great interest in the Keithley History and procured some interesting records back to the 12th century containing an account of General Keithley who raised an Army, march to North England conquered the British and Established a Kingdom in the North mining part of England, Gen. Keithley founded a city called Keithley -- much more might be written of this history.

Susanna and W.W. May had 3 children, one daughter who died as Mission in India, was never married, two sons James and Benenia, was a teacher in the college at Salem and other points in Indiana until his health failed and he retired on a farm near Salem, Ind., Benenia was a Methodist Minister and is yet in Indiana. Susanna May lived to be almost 80, it was often said of her she seemed not to have a fault, loved all was universally loved, she died March 13, 1903. [FHD Note: did she write a letter on 25 Sep 1903 as stated by Castlio?]

Mary Ann second daughter was born in 1830, she never married, was not strong, she died in 1863 -- Angeline third daughter [FHD Note, Margaret Angeline ] was born in 1832. She was a teacher, taught in the DePauw College in New Albany, Ind., [KEI - DePauw is in Greencastle IN.]a number of years, she married a Dr. Still and died 2 years after leaving a small daughter - - Martha the fourth daughter born 1834, she was a milliner and married Andrew Wulson, they had 6 daughters and 2 sons, he was a soldier of the Civil War.

Names of births of Abner Cotter Keithley's family. Rachel Ann Keithley born, Jan. 1, 1843 Eliza Jane Keithley born, May 22, 1844 (Hand written - married Edgar T. Limes on Aug. 18, 1868) Susannah Catherine Keithley born, Dec. 18, 1845 Mary Angeline Keithley born April 13, 1847 Nancy Emeline Keithley born Oct. 25, 1849 James Montgomery Keithley born Dec. 23, 1850 Martha Josephine Keithley born Feb. 18, 1854 Eva Jenett Keithley born July 11, 1855 Alice Carrie Keithley born July 3, 1857 Elizabeth Etna Keithley born August 15, 1859 William Thomas Keithley born Feb. 28, 1862 (Hand written note - M. Ada) Edgar Abner Keithley born Feb. 4, 1866

[HG: Also a handwritten note at the start pertaining to the Wm. Keithley under Keithley & Company at the start of article is an arrow pointing to Wm. (says brother of Eliza Jane Keithley Limes)]

[HG: This copy made by Harold Greene Jr., 453 Cleveland St., Columbus, Indiana, 47201 --- April 20, 1991.]

[KEI: Rec'd from Loretta Greene 2 May 1991]

[FHD Rec'd from KEI May 1991]

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