The Rutgers University Libraries Insect and Pest Directory site is designed to introduce users to the types of insects, pests and rodents that may damage the RUL collection.

The site is separated into three sections:
  • Directory:  This section is composed of photos and descriptions of the likely insects and pests that could damage a library collection.
  • Preservation: A recommended set of instructions for Access Services employees to undertake if they have a pest infested item.  Preservation issues are presented to illustrate the process and give introductory directions on what to do with a pest infested item.  Employees should consult their supervisor immediately if such an item is brought in or found.
  • Links: A list of sources that were used in the development of this web site.  Visit these sites for more information on this topic.
RUL wishes to thank Dr. Frank Carle and the staff at the Rutgers University Entomological Museum for their help in putting this site together.

For more information on the museum visit

Rutgers University Libraries' Insect and Pest Directory developed by:
Kim Kaiser
Rob Krack
Edward Suarez
RUL Collection Management Group
Last updated: 2/17/2009