Insect Directory Sites

Rutgers Entomology Page

  • The Department of Entomology at Rutgers University – ( was of great assistance to the creation of this site.  Insects that were featured were provided and photographed through the department’s cooperation.
  • FORE: Fruit & Ornamental Research Extension – (   A Rutgers based project to provide detail descriptions of insects.  The site’s best feature is its multimedia offerings.  Videos of insects, lecture talks, and student field trips are featured.
  • UC IPM Online – ( Directory of a wide vary of insects and pests.  It reviews the environments that pests thrive in.  Descriptions of a variety of pests are offered, the damage they cause and how to manage and infestation.

Preservation Sites

  • –(

    A focus on the preservation process.  Focuses on preventative measures libraries can undertake to avoid an infestation.  Highlights include a pest management plan containing links to emergency resources and planning.

Others sources used for this site: