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NSTM - Model

  • Services are provided by teams of two Behavior Specialists during weekly sessions.
  • The program utilizes a multi-factor model of assessment and treatment. The unique presentation and inter-dependent relationships of the referred individual, his or her caregivers, the natural environment and the global system are routinely examined.
  • The fundamental approach to effecting long-term behavior change lies in the provision of in-depth training to caregivers in principles of behavior management. Project staff tailor this training to the unique needs of each family and utilize training methods which complement the cultural, ethnic, and religious mixtures of consumers.
  • NSTM views caregiver competence as an essential prerequisite to successful intervention.
  • Interventions focus on challenges found in all factors, not just the consumer.
  • Emphasis is placed on the use of non-aversive techniques and the development of adaptive skills and behaviors.