Project: Natural Setting Therapeutic Management

Referral Guidelines

1) Referral must originate from Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) case management or Programs Support Unit (PSU).

2) Family/staff must understand that NSTM is a training organization that will be working with them and not directly with the referred individual. That is, NSTM staff teaches them how to intervene.

3) Family/staff must understand that NSTM is a long-term service not a crisis oriented one.

a) Staff is there to train, thus intervention development occurs only after behavioral competency is achieved.
b) Crisis management may be addressed by a problem-solving model through which natural supports are utilized to maintain physical safety.

4) There must be at least one person available on a weekly basis who is willing to function as the primary trainee.

a) All family members/staff who work with the referred individual are strongly encouraged to attend training sessions.

5) Behavior referred should be one's that have been historically resistant to shorter term behavioral intervention (i.e. PSU behavioral consultation).

6) There may be a waiting period between referral and initial visit.

a) Cases are "prioritized" by DDD.
b) We do get to all cases that are referred.