Project: Natural Setting Therapeutic Management

All About NSTM


NSTM is a behavioral consultation and training program designed to teach families and/or staff of people with developmental disabilities and challenging behavior methods to construct and maintain a therapeutic environment at home. Once behavioral competency is achieved, the lives of all involved are enriched in as much as the referral problems have been addressed by the very people who identified them.

NSTM supports community living and assists persons with developmental disabilities in achieving their potential, as an alternative to more restrictive living and working placements. However, we also recognize that persons with developmental disabilities can exhibit complex behavior problems which may be overwhelming to them and to those with whom they interact on a daily basis. With this in mind, our program seeks to help families and staff manage those problem behaviors, as well as to teach adaptive behaviors to the person, so that he or she can benefit from community living.

NSTM is concerned with improving the quality of life; therefore, we teach strategies that will enhance the ability of family, staff, and consumer to experience positive interactions with each other. NSTM believes in the importance of the natural environment becoming a therapeutic one in which family and staff are skilled managers and teachers. The program focuses on the strengths and resources of all concerned (parents, teachers, staff, social workers, medical professionals, and the person with the disability), to create a network of supports that will strengthen the ability of the family, staff, and person to meet future challenges.