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Project: Natural Setting Therapeutic Management

In-Home Consultation Services

Project NSTM Home Consultation Services are presented from the basic premise that parents are the experts of their homes and children and that they, therefore already operate as the behavior managers. It is therefore critical that they are well trained in understanding the behavior with which they are dealing and competent in the behavior change techniques that are necessary to carry out behavioral interventions that are appropriate for their child's particular behavioral challenges.

Behavioral consultation is carried out in an individual's home involves the completion of a six to eight visit needs assessment during which the consultant completes some basic training with identified caregivers, collects some data him/herself and reviews the individual's schedule, abilities/disabilities interests, behaviors, etc. A functional behavioral assessment is completed and a behavioral intervention developed and implemented in the family's home. At the end of that assessment period, a needs-assessment report is generated outlining the type of ongoing service that we believe will be necessary to serve that individual. If the funding source believes that the proposed treatment plan is appropriate, they are welcome to contract for ongoing behavioral services with the Project that includes the development, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive intervention. Training would then begin with all relevant family members to develop a behavioral intervention that would be carried out in the home. Service usually entails either weekly or bi-weekly visits of behavioral consultation to the identified family and the hourly fee covers all additional expenses (i.e. travel, data analysis, office preparation and report generation).

The services included in an in-home consultation contract would include:

  • Weekly training sessions with your family (2-4 total hours per week)
  • Completion of a comprehensive, multifactor assessment
  • Training in and completion of a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) for a targeted behavior
  • Contact with ancillary support service personnel (i.e. school staff) for relevant input
  • Presentation of ABA principles necessary for the development of a behavioral intervention
  • Ongoing assessment of behavioral competence regarding skills trained
  • Development of a data based behavioral intervention to address identified behavioral challenges
  • Role play practice and on-site piloting of chosen intervention
  • Intervention implementation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Staff availability for all IHP or other interdisciplinary team meetings
  • Ongoing phone consultation between scheduled visits

Services would be carried out by a behavioral specialist working directly under my supervision. The consultant service is overseen and supervised by Drs. Michael R. Petronko and Russell J. Kormann. All cases are reviewed by the entire clinical staff on a weekly basis affording you the experience of a staff that has served the disability community for over 30 years.