"One of the most intelligent and lyric of American poets."

--Valerie Trueblood, Iowa Review

"Ostriker writes poems born of tragedy and illness...poems of sheer joy...fresh, brave, of our finest poets."

--Robert Phillips, Hudson Review

"Stunning, unforgettable poems."

--Patricia Holt, San Francisco Chronicle

"Now that Ginsberg is gone, Ostriker is contemporary poetry's most Blakean figure."

--Diana Hume George,Women's Review of Books

"All of us who are women poets, idol breakers and revisionists. . . feel a deep kinship to the work of Alicia Ostriker, and a debt as well."

--Eleanor Wilner

"Alicia Ostriker belongs, mutatis mutandis, to the family and order of artists of which Emily Dickinson is one. It is, of course, of the first order and family."

--Anthony Hecht

"Alicia Ostriker has become one of those brilliantly provocative and imaginatively gifted contemporaries whose iconoclastic expression, whether in prose or poetry, is essential to our undersanding of our American selves."

--Joyce Carol Oates